Empowering Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

Empowering Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

Picture this: the enthusiasm of our MYP 4 and 5 students blending with the innovative energy of their peers from different schools around the world. They deeply immersed themselves in the final step of a thrilling bootcamp, eagerly observing pitches that unveiled several business projects.

With Avenues The World School, a global ecosystem of prestigious schools, H-FARM co-designed the “Becoming an Entrepreneur at Europe’s Premier Incubator” bootcamp. Thirty s ix students from the New York, São Paulo, Shenzhen, and the Online campuses enthusiastically immersed themselves in a two-week exploration of the start-up world, guided by the expertise of H-FARM Startup Center’s team.

These weeks painted a vibrant picture of experiences. Eight groups of students dedicated themselves to crafting business models, understanding financial dynamics, and refining social skills. The adventure culminated in a spectacular showcase of innovation and entrepreneurial enthusiasm, as eight business projects took the spotlight in front of a jury composed of Start-up Center entrepreneurs Timothy O’Connell and Lorenzo Congiu, alongside H-FARM College professors Mauro Bordignon, Raffaele Testorelli, and Massimiliano Fusari. Their innovative projects tackled a variety of themes, ranging from education and food, to sustainable energy.

Confronting the challenge of personalised feedback in large classes, one group developed an AI app that analyses student work, grades, and teacher notes to generate customised feedback and study guides.

Another team, aiming to reduce malnutrition, devised a service enabling users to create a budget-friendly, diet-friendly shopping cart, with the goal of making food accessibility a universal right. At the end of the presentation, a student remarked: “having access to food should not be a privilege!”

In a groundbreaking sustainable energy initiative, the winning group created a tile to generate electricity from kinetic energy produced by people walking, envisioning streets adorned with them for passive energy generation.

A really inspiring pitch during which our students engaged as spectators, absorbing diverse and novel experiences. Each shared piece evolved into an inspiring idea, contributing to the mosaic of possibilities that shape their own future.

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