Apple Distinguished School

Apple Distinguished School

Apple Distinguished Schools embody Apple’s vision of the role of technology in education.

There are only 500 Apple centers of leadership and educational excellence around the
world that can be proud of this certification. Among these are some of the most innovative schools on the planet today.
From the very beginning, H-FARM International School has utilised Apple devices to encourage students to use all of the technological tools available to
achieve their goals. For this reason, each student (from primary school onwards) receives an Ipad or MacBook to support their learning. This allows them to immediately build
a conscious relationship with digital devices and provides full access to information from around the world.

L'insegnante si concentra sul suo lavoro su un MacBook presso H-FARM

We are delighted to have received the award of Apple Distinguished School for the years 2021-2024 for our innovative approach to learning and for creating a community based on a culture of resilience and creativity.

In the IB model, inclusion is understood as an ongoing process of removing barriers to learning, for all students. Therefore, barriers to learning and assessment are not confined only to students with a certified need.
One of the underlying principles of inclusion is the accessibility to information. In this sense, the effective use of technological tools ensures outstanding support. As an Apple Distinguished School, the school provides its students with state-of-the-art electronic devices with multiple features to make digital information available to everyone.

Over the years, we’ve developed a learning-based academic structure that utilizes Apple devices from age three in order to nurture creativity, curiosity, and academic excellence. The use of iPads in the Primary and Middle Years and MacBooks Air in High School have elevated the school to a different level of Teaching and Learning. On one hand, they have supported traditional learning with new pedagogical tools that have improved the personal involvement of teachers and students. On the other hand, iPads and MacBooks have fostered innovative approaches that develop different skills than those normally utilized in traditional schooling.

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