Our team
Our team

Our Team

Our pedagogical leadership team is competent, experienced and, above all, passionate.

One of the most attractive reasons to choose H-FARM International School is the faculty. Each member of our team has a true passion for education. They are much more than teachers or heads of programmes. They embraced our journey on a lifelong learning pathway.

Our Pedagogical Leadership Team

Education is so much more than power. It is empowering. Over the doors of the PYP, MYP & DP buildings, you’ll see references to exploration and discovery…that’s what this school is: it opens up worlds to you.
Head of K12 & Head of School
Our mission, as educators, is to keep the spark of curiosity, lit at a child’s birth, always burning.
Head of Academics & Pedagogical Innovation
The PYP allows our students to happily thrive as they learn through stimulating experiences designed to help them develop their creativity, their identity and their responsibility toward others and the world.
Primary Principal & Head of PYP
Embracing the dialogic, Socratic method, our approach fosters deep thinking and the art of inquiry, encouraging learners to ask profound questions and engage in meaningful conversations for transformative learning.
Secondary Principal
Every act of learning builds our sense of self. What we learn, how we learn it, and the skills we believe we’ve developed connect to what we believe about ourselves and what we’re capable of. The PYP is a place for that bright and open possibility.
PYP Coordinator
Embrace creativity and allow for mistakes along the way as for they guide us towards innovation and growth.
Head of MYP 1-3
Fuel curiosity, spark motivation – they’re the secret ingredients to a thrilling, lifelong adventure called education.
MYP Coordinator – ad interim
The IB Personal Project fosters essential project management skills, promoting independent learning. This experience equips students with practical skills and cultivates self-discipline, preparing them for future academic and professional success.
Head of MYP 4-5
The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.
DP Coordinator


Rita Bernardo Play
Rita Bernardo
SEN Specialist – PYP
Eleni Tsoku Play
Eleni Tsoku
Homeroom Assistant – PYP
Federica Rossi Play
Federica Rossi
Italian Teacher- PYP
Mallory Kinlaw Play
Mallory Kinlaw
English Language Support – PYP
Takako Fujisawa Play
Takako Fujisawa
Honey Bees Assistant – PYP
Federica Cazzaro Play
Federica Cazzaro
Language Support – PYP
Rachel Elizabeth Drew Play
Rachel Elizabeth Drew
Homeroom Teacher – PYP
Carlo Poggi Play
Carlo Poggi
Digital Learning Coach
Angela Villanti Play
Angela Villanti
Homeroom teacher – Reception Rockets
Andrea Montero Bullon Play
Andrea Montero Bullon
Homeroom Teacher – PYP
Anna Lerose Play
Anna Lerose
Music Teacher
Antonella Zuanich Play
Antonella Zuanich
Italian – PYP
Catherine Shull Play
Catherine Shull
Homeroom teacher – PYP2
Cristina Milos Play
Cristina Milos
Homeroom teacher – PYP5
Emma Holland Play
Emma Holland
Homeroom teacher – PYP1
Flika Carvalho Play
Flika Carvalho
Homeroom teacher – PYP3
Jane Andrews Play
Jane Andrews
Primary Principal & Head of PYP
Margherita Bustaffa Play
Margherita Bustaffa
Italian – PYP
Nadia Pellizzon Play
Nadia Pellizzon
Homeroom Teacher – PYP
Viktoriya Cheban Play
Viktoriya Cheban
Busy Bees Homeroom – PYP
Erik Roman Play
Erik Roman
PE teacher
Iliana Gutierrez Play
Iliana Gutierrez
PYP Coordinator
Cristina Mocanu Play
Cristina Mocanu
CAS & Ignition Lab Coordinator – MYP & DP
Alessandro Vino Play
Alessandro Vino
Personal Project Coordinator – MYP
Andrew Neal Play
Andrew Neal
English – MYP
Emma Buckley Play
Emma Buckley
SEN Specialist – MYP & DP
Jana Pridalova Play
Jana Pridalova
English – MYP
Sokratis Theodoridis Play
Sokratis Theodoridis
Maths – MYP & DP
Robin Anav Play
Robin Anav
French – MYP & DP
Raimonds Graudins Play
Raimonds Graudins
Business & Economics – MYP & DP
Nikolas Thun - Hohenstein Play
Nikolas Thun – Hohenstein
Maths & Science – MYP
Francesco Ramagli Play
Francesco Ramagli
Italian – MYP
Francesco Basso Play
Francesco Basso
Physical Education – MYP
Annalisa Romano Play
Annalisa Romano
Music – MYP
Alba Manso Perez Play
Alba Manso Perez
Math – MYP
Angelica Benvenuto Play
Angelica Benvenuto
Science & Maths – MYP
Ayana Fabris Play
Ayana Fabris
Career Counsellor
Carlo Fellet Play
Carlo Fellet
Chemistry & ESS
Caroline Hamilton Play
Caroline Hamilton
English A
Elena Triantafillis Play
Elena Triantafillis
Italian – DP
Enrico Biondetti Play
Enrico Biondetti
Philosophy & TOK – DP
Francesco Mariutto Play
Francesco Mariutto
Head of Digital T&L
Francesco Zoffoli Play
Francesco Zoffoli
German – MYP & DP
Golbarg Khorsand Play
Golbarg Khorsand
English LANG & LIT
Vincenzo Rosario La Franca Pitarresi
Vincenzo Rosario La Franca Pitarresi
Chemistry & Science Teacher
Ioannis Vaitsopoulos Play
Ioannis Vaitsopoulos
Physic & Science – DP
Lucia Scapolan Play
Lucia Scapolan
Science & Biology – MYP Coordinator
Martin Fry Play
Martin Fry
English LANG & LIT & Head of Housing Academics
Michael Moll Play
Michael Moll
PE MYP & SA Coordinator
Aleksandra Jakubicka Play
Aleksandra Jakubicka
Lab Technician
Emiliano Cori Play
Emiliano Cori
Secondary Principal & Head of MYP 4-5
Nora Gietz Play
Nora Gietz
History & TOK
Oktay Surucu Play
Oktay Surucu
Economics & Math – DP
Paul Iacco Play
Paul Iacco
Head of MYP1-3 & ESS & Science
Richard Thomas Play
Richard Thomas
English A&B
Fiammetta Gioia Play
Fiammetta Gioia
Sara Casagrande Play
Sara Casagrande
DP Coordinator
Sara Bonaventura Play
Sara Bonaventura
Visual Art – DP
Giulia Mauri Play
Giulia Mauri
Design Technology – MYP
Sonya Vaccaro Play
Sonya Vaccaro
Business Management – MYP
Gabriela Becerril    Play
Gabriela Becerril
Kevin Cordeiro    Play
Kevin Cordeiro
Eleonora Di Rocco Play
Eleonora Di Rocco
Cosmina Lascu Play
Cosmina Lascu
Amr Mahmoud Play
Amr Mahmoud
Computer Science
Jonathan Molinari Play
Jonathan Molinari
Maddalena Mometti Play
Maddalena Mometti
Design Technology
Maria Niro Play
Maria Niro
Jelena Ribar Play
Jelena Ribar
Attilia Ruzzene Play
Attilia Ruzzene
Economics & Business
Matteo Secondin Play
Matteo Secondin
Computer Science
Maria Elena Martino Play
Maria Elena Martino
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