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Exploring Academic Milestones: Inside the MYP Personal Project Leggi di più
16 February 2024
The time has come! This is one of the most important moments of the year for our school in Venice: …
Career-related Programme. Inspiring futures, building careers Leggi di più
9 February 2024
H-FARM International School introduces another addition to its IB international educational pathway…
Making learning fun: the power of play! Leggi di più
7 February 2024
Astronauts, pop stars, and fantastical creatures took over our school during the Global Play Day &#…
Safer Internet Week Leggi di più
7 February 2024
E se i pinguini potessero volare? E se sotto la nostra scuola si celasse un sotterraneo segreto? No…
Nurturing healthy habits: what do I bring for a snack? Leggi di più
7 February 2024
The captivating workshop – La merenda dei bambini – led by the insightful Nutrition Spe…
  • Food
  • H-FARM
  • Health
  • Vicenza
A Virtual Journey to the Sumerian City Leggi di più
6 February 2024
In a world where technology is not just a tool but a transformative force, our school in Rosà recen…
  • H-FARM
  • International School
  • rosà
Cultural Threads: An Exploration into Identity and Diversity Leggi di più
2 February 2024
Oltre i confini tradizionali delle aule, i nostri piccoli esploratori hanno indagato il mondo delle…
A Trip to the Astrophysical Planetarium of Asiago Leggi di più
25 January 2024
Considering a trip to the planetarium to observe celestial bodies might not sound thrilling to you,…
  • Astronomy
  • Science
Unlocking Academic Excellence: Celebrating the International Day of Education with the Impact of IB Programmes Leggi di più
24 January 2024
As we are celebrating the International Day of Education, it is worth noting what the IB has do…
  • celebrations
  • IB education
Empowering Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs Leggi di più
24 January 2024
Picture this: the enthusiasm of our MYP 4 and 5 students blending with the innovative energy of the…
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