Welcome to H-FARM International School Vicenza

It’s our home. Yours, too.

A distinctive environment fostering collaboration among students, teachers and staff.

The school is located in the close vicinity of the city centre, offers wide spaces designed for all teaching and educational needs.

Among the school facilities, the students will find a new canteen with colourful walls and ornamental plants, a computer lab equipped with iMacs and a projector, two science labs for MYP/DP, a music room and two classrooms for language support, a wide and well-equipped gym, and libraries set up for PYP and MYP/DP.

The PYP Section

Located on the second floor, the PYP section was recently renewed in terms of furniture and space layout, with interventions to the floors and the art lab.

MYP & DP sections

The third floor welcomes MYP and DP classes with the study area and the library, in addition to the science and digital
labs located in the basement.

Green areas

Finally, students have access to two green areas for outdoor breaks: a playground in high-quality synthetic grass
on the front and a park with a soccer field on the back.

Our contacts


Borgo Santa Lucia 51, 36100 Vicenza (VI), Italy

+39 0444 545007


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