Everything you need to know about H-FARM International School Vicenza services

School bus, catering, counselling, uniforms and language support. Discover the H-FARM International School Vicenza’s services.

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We support students on their journey towards personal growth

H-FARM School Vicenza is staffed by a School Counsellor who is responsible for assisting students to reach their full potential by providing them with tools and resources to develop their talents.

Throughout the school curriculum, starting with the MYP1 class, H-FARM International School Vicenza also offers the teaching of H-Skills, a lesson that focuses on personal, social and emotional education, such as sustaining healthy relationships, managing stress and resolving conflict.

School Uniforms

Environmentally sustainable materials for a wide range of garments to choose from

The uniform is obligatory across the school, from Pre-Nursery to MYP 5. For all new students, a welcome kit is provided containing one complete set of school uniform. Our uniform supplier will be available on the school site at various points throughout the year in order to collect orders and for students to try on items.

School Calendar

H-IS student engages in class activities

H-FARM International School follows a school calendar on the British model, which includes approximately one week off for every six weeks of classes: this allows students to have more rest periods during the year, in order to be able to face the entire school year with energy and enthusiasm.

H-FARM School Canteen

Fresh and organic food in the canteen at H-IS Vicenza
A tasty and nutritious meal prepared and served with great attention to seasonal foods

The school canteens are managed by Euroristorazione which prepares all meals on-site for our students.

The menu will be sent to families weekly. We are able to provide special diets for a short- or long-term period, (ex. allergies, celiac disease, vegetarians).

Extracurricular Activities

A place designed not only for learning, but for nurturing and exploring interests and passions

Language classes, sports, music, art and study support. At H-FARM International School Vicenza you can join many activities, to develop your talents in and out of the classroom.

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