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School Life at H-FARM International School Rosà

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School Bus

H-FARM International School Rosà, can be easily reached by our students thanks to buses, which serve different neighboring areas: Bassano, Asolo, Montebelluna, Castelfranco, Schio, Thiene.

The service is managed and regulated directly by the different transportation companies; the school office is always available to provide you with more information and possibly put you in touch with the relevant company.

School Calendar

H-FARM International School Rosà follows regional guidelines while trying to adapt the calendar to the needs of our school community.

We, therefore, try to provide breaks during the school year, anticipating the opening by a few days in order to still respect the number of days provided for State-approved schools. Since our school day is 7 hours for 5 days a week, the annual amount of hours will always turn out to be more than what is required by the regulations.

Extracurricular or Optional Activities

At the end of the school day, students can extend their learning through arts classes and sport activities. It is also possible for students to attend swimming lessons in the nearby swimming pool and are accompanied daily by a member of our staff.

For Lower Secondary School students, there is an opportunity to choose their Friday afternoon activity. Choices range from homework sessions and sports activities. The school also proposes University of Cambridge English Examinations from Primary to Lower Secondary School.

La mensa di H-FARM

A tasty and nutritious meal, prepared in harmony with the cyclical nature of the seasons

Our staff works alongside nutritionists and dietitians to bring quality products to the table (PDO, PGI, zero-mile) and that follow seasonality.

School Uniforms

H-IS students wear their school uniform
H-FARM t-shirt with the logo
H-IS students in H-FARM merch
A wide range of clothing made from environmentally-friendly materials

The school uniform is compulsory and is not included in the annual fees, except for the first kit, given during the first year of enrolment.
Uniforms can be purchased and /or ordered through the online shop.

Digital Tools

iPads for H-IS students

In our school, the implementation of digital technologies makes it possible to activate processes of educational innovation that foster the development of digital skills. The chance to deliver an Apple device to each student, allows us to take advantage of the best technologies, enhance the curriculum and acquire European key competencies. Our aim is to train students aware of the opportunities that the digital society offers but also responsible citizens in applying technologies.

School – Families

Together with parents and families our school vision is to create a harmonious, coherent school environment where children can grow up feeling
confident and free to experiment with their learning. The school organizes activities that involve parents in both the academic and social learning that takes place at school. It is in these moments that students and parents have an opportunity to create something together and where students can even prove to be experts and guide their parents in a school activity.

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