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School Bus

School bus for H-IS students
School bus for H-IS students
H-IS students inside the school bus
Reaching our school has never been easier

H-FARM International School offers private school bus service from Treviso, Venice, Mestre, Padova, Spinea, Oderzo, Conegliano, and Jesolo.

Food service

Organic pasta in the canteen at H-FARM
H-IS student with his meal
Student enjoys his food at H-IS
Freshly prepared meals for H-IS students at H-FARM
We serve every day a nutritious and healthy meal taking into account the seasonality of products

Each day, our school students gather for a lunch prepared freshly at H-FARM International School.

School Uniforms

H-IS uniform
H-FARM t-shirt with the logo
H-IS students in H-FARM merch
H-IS students wear their school uniform
An extensive line of eco-friendly clothing

We take great care to select natural and sustainable raw materials, in line with the philosophy of the school and of H-FARM, for the creation of scholastic uniforms.

Beginning in Reception Rockets and continuing through MYP5, school uniforms are mandatory for all students.

The school uniform can be bought at the H-FARM International School shop or on our e-commerce site.

School Calendar

H-IS students enjoy outside class

Our academic calendar is designed to provide regular week break every siv weeks of lessons throughout the year. This approach ensures that students can maintain their energy and enthusiasm throughout their studies.


Students play basketball after school in H-FARM
H-IS student at an event in H-FARM
At our campus, you can not only learn but also cultivate your passions and interests

You can choose from languages, sports, eSports, theatre and art courses as well as learning support.

On the H-FARM campus, there are many activities available to students, including specializing in specific skills and finding their own talents outside of the classroom.

Digital Tools

iPads for H-IS students

Our digital tools keep students, teachers, staff, and parents connected and up to date at all times.

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