Fees and payments

H-FARM International School Rosà: Details and Costs

Le seguenti rette scolastiche includono tuition, materiale didattico, pranzo e merenda, un dispositivo digitale e la didattica connessa, un kit di uniforme per i nuovi iscritti e, solo per il PYP, materiale di cancelleria.

Non sono compresi i trasporti, le attività extra curricolari, le gite scolastiche, le eventuali lezioni di supporto linguistico e gli altri capi della divisa scolastica.

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Fees at H-FARM International School are composed of

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Admission Fee

The Admission fee is a one-time fee, one off for each new student, and must be paid the first year of enrolment at H-FARM International School.

Registration Fee

The Registration fee is an enrolment fee, that must be paid every new school year.

Tuition & Tech Fee

The tuition & tech fee is the annual school fee, including the Apple devices.


È possibile effettuare una preiscrizione per gli anni scolastici a venire.

La prescrizione richiede il pagamento di una caparra pari a 200€, che verrà poi sottratta dalla Registration Fee al momento dell’effettiva iscrizione.

La preiscrizione non garantisce il posto nella classe desiderata.

La caparra viene restituita nel caso in cui non vi sia la disponibilità del posto o la famiglia rinunci alla preiscrizione entro una settimana da data stabilita.

2023-2024 School Fees

ADMISSION FEE: 3.000 € only for the first year of enrolment

  • Reception
  • 2.500 €
  • 7.900 €
  • 10.400 €
  • Primary 1-2
  • 2.500 €
  • 9.530 €
  • 12.030 €
  • Primary 3-5
  • 2.500 €
  • 10.050 €
  • 12.550 €
  • Lower Secondary 1-3
  • 2.500 €
  • 11.050 €
  • 13.550 €

* Registration Fee: 1.500 € within 31/01/2023

Fee structure

Sibiling Student

10% sibling discount on the Tuition Fee for the second (younger) child and 15% for the third (youngest) child enrolled.

Single Payment Solution

A 2,5% discount is applied on the Tuition Fee when opting for a single payment solution.

Referral Programme

If one of our families refers you, both you and the family who presented you,
will be given a €500 discount on Admission Fee.

What is it included in our fees


The uniform is required for all students from Reception class up to Lower Secondary 3. The school provides a welcome kit with enrollment consisting of a short-sleeved, long-sleeved polo shirt, a sports t-shirt, pants and a zippered sweatshirt.


For PYP students, books and stationary are included in the tuition. We also use iPads and a series of apps that allow children to discover, learn and express themselves in ways that are different and complementary to more traditional tools.


Digital tools are not inherently dangerous or negative, nor are they the best or only solution to learning problems: they are just tools that have to be used.

Through them, it is possible to do new and different things, all of which complement – but do not immediately replace – what we traditionally used in schools.


The lunchtime is an important moment in the life of our students at H-FARM International School.

We follow the food regional indications, but at the same time we introduce culinary variations related to the seasonality, the availability of farm-to-table products and the curiosity to discover different foods from different nations.

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