Middle Years Programme 1-3

A path of excellence, digitally augmented

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) is an educational framework developed by the International Baccalaureate (IB) organization. It is designed to provide a comprehensive and internationally recognized curriculum for students aged 11 to 16.

In the Italian education system, the MYP
encompasses two distinct stages: MYP 1-3, which aligns with the middle school years, and MYP 4-5, which corresponds to the first two years of high school.

The MYP1-3 course consists of 40 lessons per week, 11 of which characterize the H-FARM Approach. They are lessons developed in collaboration with the H-FARM network, delivered with the support and use of cutting-edge technologies: a path of excellence, digitally augmented.

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The most important period in their personal and intellectual growth

The MYP curriculum in these years aims to foster the holistic development of students, focusing on their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth.

In MYP 1-3, students engage in a range of subjects, including language and literature, mathematics, sciences, individuals and societies, arts, physical and health education, and design. The interdisciplinary nature of the MYP encourages students to make connections across these subject areas, promoting a deeper understanding of their learning.

The MYP assessment model emphasizes continuous evaluation rather than relying solely on final exams. Students are assessed through a combination of coursework, projects, presentations, and examinations. This approach encourages students to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and understanding in various ways, promoting critical thinking, creativity, and independent inquiry.

Core Subjects

31 lessons


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6 Lessons


6 Lessons


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4 Lessons


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In addition to the programme shown H-FARM International School also offers an extra English lesson and an extra Maths lesson, as complementary hours.

The MYP aims to develop global citizens who appreciate and understand diverse cultures, perspectives, and global issues. It promotes open-mindedness, empathy, and respect for others.
Curriculum Framework
The MYP is structured into eight subject groups: Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies, Sciences, Mathematics, Arts, Physical Education, and Design. Within these subject groups, interdisciplinary learning is encouraged, allowing students to explore global contexts and make connections across various disciplines.
Personal Project, Service as Action, Community Project
At the heart of the MYP is the Personal Project, where students showcase deep exploration, research, and creativity through a self-directed project that demonstrates acquired skills and knowledge. The ‘Service as Action’ component instills a sense of civic responsibility, encouraging students to translate their learning into positive actions, promoting empathy, and global citizenship. Community projects engage students in collaborative activities, addressing real-world issues and promoting collective problem-solving, enabling them to make tangible contributions to their local and global communities.
Approach to Learning & Approach to Teaching
The Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills are a fundamental component of the MYP and are embedded within the curriculum to develop students as learners. These skills encompass various categories such as communication, social, self-management, research, and thinking skills. The aim is to provide students with the tools necessary to become effective, independent, and lifelong learners.
Furthermore, the MYP emphasizes the development of conceptual understanding throughout the curriculum. This involves engaging students in exploring key concepts that transcend subject boundaries, enabling them to establish connections and deeply comprehend their learning.
IB Learner Profile
The development of the 10 qualities of the learner profile is a central element of the MYP program. The entire school community plays an important role in nurturing, valuing, appreciating, and monitoring the student’s holistic growth.
What happens if my child wants to go back to the State school system?

At the end of the MYP3 (grade 8, terza media), our school gives all students the chance to take the national test in an Italian public school in order to receive a first-grade secondary school certificate. This choice is neither obligatory nor necessary, since students automatically receive the equivalence of their diploma if they are certain to continue their IB curriculum until they obtain their IB Diploma.
From 2016 to 2023, all our students successfully passed the examination, with an average grade higher than the national average: 8,4 as opposed to 7,2.

What if my child does not speak Italian?

From MYP1 to MYP3, it is necessary to take an entrance test in order to enrol in H-FARM International School. To learn more about the requirements and the entrance exam, visit our Procedure and Requirements page.

To learn more about requirements and the entrance exam, visit our Procedures and Requirements page.

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“Embrace creativity and allow for mistakes along the way as for they guide us towards innovation and growth”.
Paul Iacco
Head of MYP 1-3

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