Primary School

Primary School focuses on social, physical, emotional, and cultural child development, as well as on positive educational improvement. Our mission is to contribute to our students’ education by providing those tools that will allow them to act with a critical attitude towards life, focusing on the development of transversal skills. We aim to reach this objective by fostering a dynamic approach, providing students with language skills and the ability to understand different viewpoints.

Units of Inquiry

In the Primary School the curriculum is structured in Units of Inquiry. These represent a significant learning opportunity for students, which takes into account the holistic nature of knowledge and is not limited to the transmission of knowledge and disciplinary skills but aims for the integral formation of the student, developing transversal and disciplinary skills.
Units of Inquiry place the child at the center of the educational action and, by requiring his or her active participation, either individually or in groups, promotes the construction of personal knowledge; moreover, by using diversified activities and tools, including innovative and technological ones, it allows  personalized learning.

Teachers and instrumental figures

In each class, the presence of two teachers is foreseen: one English native speaker teacher and another Italian native speaker, both accredited to teach by a competent body in their country of origin.
Digital Learning Coach: supports teachers in integrating technology and coding within the curriculum.
Science Specialist: supports teachers in integrating sciences into the curriculum (Cambridge International).


Each child in the school is also member of a team, which is made up of students from all the different year groups, they gain points for their team with good behaviour, based on following the school’s system of rules, by demonstrating an attentive and positive attitude and actively collaborating in the different facets of their scholastic life. There is no competition for the gaining of points – instead, students aim to earn them through their willpower and dedication to give their best for themselves and others.


The school promotes a serious commitment to the school and encourages an attitude of mutual trust and respect toward peers, teachers, and staff.
Every week, teachers in each class choose a Star of the Week, that is, the student who has most distinguished himself or herself through behavior or a constructive and purposeful attitude within the school walls.


Every month, at the end of the school day, parents are invited to visit their child’s classroom and view their work on display. This initiative highlights the importance of sharing the students’ progress and learning with their families.

Daily Routine

School Opens


Lessons Start


Morning Break


Lunch Break


Lunch Break


Lessons End

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School trips are organized for the Primary School throughout the school year, which aim to develop their skills, strengthen their autonomy and discover the world around them.


Parents can drop off their children from 8.00 a.m. onwards. The school staff will supervise them until the bell rings at 8.30 when they have access to the classroom.


A set of IPads is available to the children in the classroom so that they can become familiar with technological devices through the use of specific apps and resources such as BEEBOTS and green screen.


Lunch is included in the school fee. The menu is planned by a dietician according to children’s nutritional needs necessary for their growth. The canteen is plastic free.


The school is located in a historical villa surrounded by green areas where children have the opportunity to play in contact with nature. They also have access to a “secret garden” nearby.


Art workshops, design labs, drama and music; everything you need to learn in a creative, experiential and interactive way.

What if my child does not speak english?

Starting with class Primary 1 (first grade) through Primary 5 class (fifth grade), if the child is not a native English speaker or does not come from a bilingual background or school, THE LANGUAGE SUPPORT service will be considered for a fee. During school, children who need to develop their English language skills will be engaged in a separate language development course, until they reach a level that allows them to independently access the curriculum. At the same time, class teachers support students so that they always understand the content of the lessons. Language support is necessary for students to be able to attend class without feeling excluded or uncomfortable, and to be able to interact with their international peers.

What if my child wants to return to a tradional italian school?

Our school is fully state-approved, and students do not need to further attest  the skills deemed necessary to enter Lower Secondary public schools.

Meet the Head of Programme

“Education is the formidable catalyst that propels individuals toward unlimited opportunities, lighting the way to a future enriched by knowledge and empowerment.”
Shannon Leili
Primary School Coordinator
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