Education is the First Step

H-FARM International School Rosà’s educational program begins with the Reception class, which corresponds to the last year of Italian kindergarten and ends in the last year of Lower Secondary School.

Reception’s educational pathway has its roots in experiential learning: an active process that starts when children first experience the reality around them, and then begin independently to turn reality into concepts.

Language enhancement, motor development, and socialization are at the heart of our educational activity. These objectives are pursued through crafts, games, singing, and dancing.

Students of H-IS ROSÀ
Units of Inquiry
5 Focus

Areas of Study

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Communication, Language and Literacy
Maths and Logic
Understanding the World (laying the foundation for basic knowledge about Science, Geography, History)
Expressive Arts (Music, Dance, Movement and Visual arts)

The goal of Reception is to lay strong foundations for more formal learning to come at the Elementary level.

H-IS Rosà students enjoy their class

Play and learning: enhancing children’s creativity and socialization

The areas of study are explored through a wide variety of play-based activities which aim to foster the following tenets:

Child as an autonomous learner
Child as creative learner
Child as problem solver and investigator
Child as a reflective thinker
Child as a social learner

Professional teachers

Every class has a mother-tongue teacher with an assistant who is bilingual in Italian and English. Above all, this allows children, who are at the age of developing their language skills, to begin to take in the pronunciation, sounds and vocabulary of the international language.

Children are prompted to discover answers to their inquiries within a distinctive environment specially tailored to cater to their requirements, fostering a culture of dialogue.

Families and parents are welcome to take active participation in the school life of their children and they are going to receive punctual information about their daily adventures.

Typical day

School Opens


Lessons Start


Morning Break


Lunch Break


Lessons End

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School trips are organized for the Primary School throughout the school year, which aim to develop their skills, strengthen their autonomy and discover the world around them.


Parents can drop off their children from 8.00 a.m. onwards. The school staff will supervise them until the bell rings at 8.30 when they have access to the classroom.


A set of IPads is available to the children in the classroom so that they can become familiar with technological devices through the use of specific apps and resources such as BEEBOTS and green screen.


Lunch is included in the school fee. The menu is planned by a dietician according to children’s nutritional needs necessary for their growth. The canteen is plastic free.


The school is located in a historical villa surrounded by green areas where children have the opportunity to play in contact with nature. They also have access to a “secret garden” nearby.


Artistic ateliers, Italian room, design lab and performing art. Everything they need to learn in a creative, experiential and interactive way.

Meet the Head of Programme

“Education is the formidable catalyst that propels individuals toward unlimited opportunities, lighting the way to a future enriched by knowledge and empowerment.”
Shannon Leili
Primary School Coordinator
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