Meet our DP students

Getting an award on my first ever film is truly something that I’ve never even thought of. Of course, I won the category of the debuting film which isn’t much, but now that I have the award standing in my room with my name on it, I feel as determined as ever to continue producing cinematic work.

I am really thankful for the opportunity that the Montecatini festival and its jury gave me. I’m also really grateful for the fantastic people that I got to meet there, that all shared my passion for film. Butmostly I am thankful for my friends, that were the core part of turning this project into a reality. Without their help and participation, none of this would have happened. But I would say, quite selfishly, that the best part of my experience at the festival, was during the screening of the film, when there was a giant text saying “directed by Matrëna Uvarova”. In that moment, I knew that all the hard work was really worth it.


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