A Virtual Journey to the Sumerian City

A Virtual Journey to the Sumerian City

In a world where technology is not just a tool but a transformative force, our school in Rosà recently showcased the fusion of education, history, and information technology in a way that was not only effective but undeniably cool!

Under the guidance of our educators, Mrs. Annalisa Sartor and Mr. Ruggero Cortese, our students embarked on an extraordinary journey that seamlessly integrated history and information technology. The result was a special project about river civilisations: a virtual journey to the sumerian city project. This groundbreaking experience underscored the profound impact of technological innovation on education, employing 3D and creative tools to craft an immersive experience. Through this venture, students were able to transcend the boundaries of time, exploring the sumerian city in a manner that expertly blended the realms of Italian, history, and technology.

The culmination of this project took place on the 17th of January, when our students proudly unveiled their creation to an audience of parents and grandparents. The presentation was not just a one-way street; it became a collaborative exploration where parents and grandparents eagerly participated, showcasing genuine curiosity and interest. Their unwavering support became a catalyst for the students, who guided the adults through the exhilarating realms of virtual reality.

We are embracing the ever-evolving landscape of learning, leveraging the power of unity to propel us into a future marked by collaborative knowledge and shared experiences. 

To watch the video of the Sumerian City, click here.

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