New connections and ideas with Freies Gymnasium Zürich

New connections and ideas with Freies Gymnasium Zürich

Ever pondered the magic that unfolds when the desire for global connections meets inquisitive minds?

During a captivating two-day encounter at our campus, we had the privilege of hosting a delegation from Freies Gymnasium Zurich. This group, consisting of four eager students, eight dedicated teachers, and their esteemed Head of School, Christoph Wittmer, wove threads of connection through the spaces of our campus.

Welcomed by our Pedagogical Leadership Team, the delegation embarked on a journey of exploration of our educational ecosystem, mission, and ongoing growth. This visit held a significant place in Freies Gymnasium Zurich’s comprehensive school development process, revolving around the evolution of teaching methods, empowering students with greater responsibilities in their educational journey, and cultivating practical experiences that build bridges between universities, research, and work.

Furthermore our students warmly embraced their Swiss counterparts, inviting them into the realms of the Chemical Lab and Design Technology lessons. This dynamic exchange of knowledge added a vibrant layer to the experience, creating an atmosphere of collaborative learning.

The exchange of ideas and experiences proved enriching for both parties involved, marking an exciting opportunity for future collaborations and exchange projects. As the day unfolded, we shared not only physical spaces but also stories, experiences, and a genuine, lifelong passion for learning.

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