Discovering Spain in Salamanca!

Discovering Spain in Salamanca!

Who says you can’t learn Spanish, savor paella, and step back in time, all in one week? From April 14 to April 20, our Year 2 Lower Secondary from Rosà and MYP 2 Vicenza students embarked on their first study trip to Salamanca, where they had the opportunity to enhance their Spanish language skills and immerse themselves in the cultural heritage, discovering for the first time the traditions and history of one of the country’s most historic cities.

Did you know that Salamanca is also known as ‘La Dorada’? Its sandstone architecture and the beautiful Plaza Mayor provided a backdrop for our students’ learning experience. The students’ days were structured as follows: mornings were dedicated to Spanish language classes, while afternoons were spent exploring the historic city center, including landmarks and the enchanting Huerto de Calixto y Melibea, a garden inspired by the setting of Fernando de Rojas’ tragicomedy.

Living with host families, our students experienced daily Spanish life, sharing meals, stories, and customs, but most importantly they learned how to be organized, independent, and supportive. ‘Our goal was for students to not only improve their language proficiency but also to step out of their comfort zone, and learn to address new challenges. Living in a foreign country and adapting to other customs proved to be an amazing opportunity for growth’, commented our Head of School, Caterina Pattanaro.

This experience has significantly broadened our students’ horizons and underscores our school’s daily commitment to fostering activities that enhance personal growth and academic achievement. Students learned about history, language and culture not only on books, but by collaborating and sharing adventures while helping each other overcome difficulties. We believe that the most profound learning and growth happen through firsthand exploration of the world, as part of a vibrant, open community that values the exchange of knowledge and experiences. This study trip to Salamanca offered them the opportunity to concretely do this, demonstrating the power of international education and cross-cultural exchange!

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