Exploring Fashion Identity with HUGO BOSS and Gen Alpha

Exploring Fashion Identity with HUGO BOSS and Gen Alpha

“What immediately comes to mind when you think about fashion?”

This was the kick-off question for the “Fashion as a Cultural Diversity Expressionworkshop, part of the Challenge organised by H-FARM College in collaboration with HUGO BOSS. Our students joined this exciting venture for the first time. In November 2023, students from H-FARM College took on a project, the renowned Challenges, with the goal of helping the brand connect with Generation Alpha (those born between 2010 and 2024).

To truly understand the preferences, desires, and needs of Gen Alpha, what better method than direct inquiry? This led to a collaboration with our MYP 2 and PYP 3 students, who were actively involved in structured focus groups to reflect on the multifaceted meaning of fashion. Guiding these sessions was Silvia Dell’Acqua, Head of Corporate Development, Career Service, and eLearning at H-FARM College, who navigated the students through a thoughtful exploration of fashion. Among the responses of our students were concepts such as “Traditions”, “Aesthetics”, and “Expression of yourself”. Throughout the workshop, they journeyed through images of iconic costumes, guessing their origins and engaging in discussions about the relationship between fashion, culture, and history. From the past to societal evolution, reflecting on the characters they draw inspiration from, and considering the impact these characters have on their lives and trends.

Our PYP 3 crew got to hang out with Gianluca Maspero, the HUGO BOSS Product Manager. They had a chill chat, fired off questions, and dug into all things brand-related. It was like a backstage pass to the fashion scene, uncovering not just what HUGO BOSS is up to but also getting the inside scoop on their future plans.

Our students, propelled by their genuine interest and curiosity, enthusiastically participated in a survey on fashion identity. As Maelle from PYP 3 nicely said, “We learn how to choose who you are, and that fashion is not just things that you put on, it’s something to express yourself and to show who you are!”

This initiative helped H-FARM College students to gain insights into the unique tastes and needs of this generation.

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