Much more than a cross-country race

Much more than a cross-country race

At school, the culminating activities, those visually appealing and worthy of narration, essentially mark the conclusion of a process that is often challenging to articulate but crucial for the development of students.

O.Re.Co. (Organize, Realize, Run), an event held on October 27th, serves as a prime example. A cross-country race, much like many others, yet concealing a realm of competencies upon which our students diligently work.

Lower Secondary School students delve into the study of the territory using Google Earth, annually selecting a different route while considering the physical capabilities of participating children and teenagers. This initial step sets the stage for the subsequent intricate planning process. Once the route is mapped out, a meticulous examination follows, meter by meter, to assess its feasibility. It is then traced and marked in its entirety, ensuring a secure running environment.

The subsequent construction of the race serves as a tangible representation of the significance of teamwork and solidarity for primary school children. It transcends beyond a mere competition, being a class race where the measured time pertains to the last participant—the class group—crossing the finish line. As echoed by an ancient African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Recognizing and rewarding the victors necessitates the creation of medals and prizes. Here, Lower Secondary students take charge, designing these medals using 3D programs and bringing them to life through 3D printing. Once again, it underscores the myriad skills developed behind an event that might be superficially perceived as merely sporting.

Within the school setting, students find the space to explore, cultivate skills, collaborate, and evolve in values of ethical significance. 

This is the essence of H-FARM International School Rosà.

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