MY SCHOOL, the first cross-channel school

Innovative and effective education tailor-made for the student's needs, with lessons live-streamed and in virtual reality.

Designed by a team of teachers, educators, psychologists, developers, and 3D designers, MY SCHOOL is our hybrid school. 

It is intended for the children of families who travel a lot; for athletes who struggle to manage learning and competitive training; for musicians; for students looking for a personalized approach to education; for people who can't attend school in person for health reasons.

Lessons will be live-streamed and available on-demand. Multi-presence sessions through live streaming, virtual reality, and augmented reality will allow students to feel in a classroom with their classmates and professors. They will be able to study the solar system by moving the planets on their desk, the functioning of muscles by watching them move, measuring gravity by playing basketball, and much more. This experience will be in person, too: students will meet on our campus throughout the year. 

The first class, with a maximum of 15 students, will start in September 2021.

Subjects will be taught in English and follow IGCSE courses, an international qualification created by Cambridge International Examinations. At the end of the first 2 years, students will be able to take the Cambridge English exams.