Agreement signed with JAKALA

We are the only entity listed on AIM active in the education sector.

Through the agreement signed today, by which we will become shareholders of JAKALA group, in the coming months, we enhance the offerings of the Consultancy business unit and the entire Campus innovation ecosystem. We thus focus on the education and edutech sector.

Riccardo Donadon declared:

«We are confident that our consultancy will grow more and more under JAKALA governance and we will be super proud to acquire a small piece of them soon to make a small contribution to their great story. We want to innovate the education sector, projecting young people into new jobs with the best possible preparation, responding very quickly to market needs and constantly dialoguing with the world of research. We believe in the contamination of talent and disciplines: in the coming years we will expand our offer with innovative paths with the aim of educating people who will imagine, innovate and change the world of tomorrow.