Che Sarà – Achille Lauro nelle Scuole

A journey that wants to make its way into Italian schools to gather the vision of a generation regarding its future.

"There is no one time to decide our future, just as there is no one road to take. There is you, yesterday, today and tomorrow".

The journey of "Che Sarà – Achille Lauro nelle Scuole" has begun. 

The first stop started right here, at our H-FARM Campus, on Monday 5th December. Our students got to know opportunities, possibilities and challenges, they tried to open up and get to know themselves. A real opportunity to get involved in the issues of the future, stimulating them to measure themselves against expectations and fears, and with an awareness of the many opportunities available to them today.

A unique experience to discover the voice of a generation that wants to know the future that awaits it.

A project not only open to schools, which will be touched by the physical presence of our team together with Achille Lauro, but a real contest open to all young people who would like to try to write their "Letter to the Future", expressing their point of view through words, videos, or other forms of expression.

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