ActionAid Italia, a new fundraising campaign by H-FARM Digital Marketing

"Drop it" is targeted at millennials, who are invited to donate starting from the idea that "every drop makes the difference".

Bringing drinking water to where it's needed is the goal of Drop it, the new fundraising campaign launched by ActionAid Italia.

Supported by our Digital Marketing team, ActionAid Italia intends to reach the attentive and demanding audience of millennials. Starting from the analysis of their behaviors and attitudes, our strategy focuses on a positive, fresh and authentic style.

Young people are typically little involved in fundraising, but in the time of Covid they have shown that they are willing to donate for causes that they feel are urgent and close.

For this reason, the fundraising model we proposed to ActionAid allows people to donate in a crescendo of involvement. Starting from a donation of €10, everyone can add the "drop that changes everything", following the goals achieved.

We designed the logo and graphic materials and created a video that enhances the positive message of the campaign. The same style was followed for the acquisition phase, developed through a marketing automation activity that efficiently managed communication flows, diversifying messages with personalized journeys according to the response behavior of individual users.