AIDA, the first Italian chatbot for diabetics

The tool we developed for Novo Nordisk offers concrete help to patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals.

AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Diabetes Assistant) is the result of Novo Nordisk's constant commitment to research and development of cutting-edge solutions and tools in the field of Digital Health. It's a digital personal assistant that helps users to get scientifically-based answers.

Will diabetes change my life? Can I continue to work? How can I tell my friends and colleagues that I have diabetes? These are some of the questions to which AIDA responds, learning and updating itself over time according to its interactions with users.

AIDA was developed by CELI, our company specialized in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, with the scientific support of several diabetes specialists. Thanks to AI, the chatbot analyses the questions also from an emotional point of view and tries to respond appropriately where it recognizes fear or stress in the users' words.

You can use it in Italian on, Telegram (@aida_chatbot) and Alexa.