10 rivers 1 ocean, Alex Bellini continues his mission

The eco-explorer and aventurer, that we have known and supported for many years, has just concluded his latest navigation along the Pearl River in China.

With his project 10 rivers 1 ocean, Alex Bellini is on a mission to navigate the 10 most plastic-polluted rivers in the world with the goal of inspiring a new understanding and respect for the world's most-threatened, delicate ecosystems: our waterways.

After sailing the Ganges and reaching the Great Pacific Gargabe Patch in 2019, his latest journey focused on the Pearl River: 2,214 kilometers long, it's the 3rd longest river in China and the 7th most plastic-polluted in the world. Its main source of pollution are the chemical particles coming from the footwear and cosmetics factories. Some parts of its course have become so murky and muddy that you can walk on it.

However, in recent years, China has undertaken significant efforts to tackle this ecological challenge, by decreasing PM2.5 values by 28% compared to 2013 and by building several forest towns.

Accompanied by his friend and writer Folco Terzani, Alex witnessed an unforeseen situation: he found less plastic than he expected. Is it a result of the recent Chinese environmental efforts? Read his travel journal here and find out how you can support his mission.

Photo credits: Folco Terzani