Alliance between Fondazione Città di Roncade and H-FARM International School

A way to educate young people about voluntary work and at the same time offer young and old people in the Roncade community the opportunity of workshops on modern digital technologies.

The signature on the innovative social partnership agreement was affixed yesterday by Simonetta Rubinato and our founder Riccardo Donadon, representatives of the two institutions.

"I would like to thank the important school based in our municipality for having accepted our proposal of synergic collaboration," explained Simonetta Rubinato, president of the Fondazione Città di Roncade, "in favour of children in educational poverty. We are delighted that the students of H-FARM International School, by participating in the Foundation's activities, can live a voluntary experience as animators in thematic workshops, sharing their technological and digital skills with the pupils of Roncade's primary and lower secondary schools, followed by the Foundation's volunteer teachers. But also in favour of people over 60 through a valuable intergenerational exchange of experiences and skills".
H-FARM International School is also committed to co-designing with the Foundation, by providing suitable spaces on the Campus, workshops for people over 60 to enhance the use of technological devices, in particular tablets, smartphones and the various applications for the most common daily uses.

Satisfaction at the definition of the agreement was also expressed by Riccardo Donadon: "With Fondazione Città di Roncade we share common values such as the importance of an education that also includes the development of soft skills such as empathy, sensitivity and the ability to listen, which are fundamental for establishing correct interpersonal relationships throughout our students' personal and professional lives. This is why we believe in the partnership between businesses and the non-profit world to create a value broader than the economic one, i.e. social value in the territory where our company is present". 

The agreement that has just been signed in our premises will last until the end of the 2022/2023 school year, with the possibility of tacit renewal in future years.