Amor, the Alajmo Group’s bistro designed by Philippe Starck

A new fast-casual bistro opened on our campus, a meeting point for students, parents, sport practitioners, and visitors.

The AMOR in Farm bistro, designed by Philippe Starck, is located in a 324 sqm building divided over two floors with spaces to eat, study, and relax, looking from above the library designed by the Rogers Stirk Harbor studio + Partners (RSHP), the freestyle skate park, and the BMX pump track.

Philippe Starck designed the iconic masks as a connection to the Venetian tradition. Along the glass walls, he placed hydroponic systems, a sort of vertical vegetable garden that reflects Max Alajmo's cooking philosophy. For Starck, «the Alajmo brothers, through their cuisine, are alchemists, chemists of the natural world. This is why we can see our salads and magical herbs grow inside AMOR».

The offer is based on recognizable cooking, food simplicity and taste, authentic and light ingredients. «We want to help the new generations understand the difference between eating something artificial and something that has very specific aromas and textures, digestible and light», explains Max Alajmo.