Cortina e-portrait

Through our society specialized in AI, we have supported Audi in a project aimed at improving the environmental comfort in Cortina d'Ampezzo.

On the occasion of Cortina Fashion Weekend, the glamorous event that opened the winter season in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Audi created and inaugurated the "Cortina e-portrait" installation, in collaboration with us.

The project started with the processing of the environmental data – temperature, rainfall, environmental noise and driving conditions – that have collected by the Audi monitoring stations since 2017 in all the Cortina's main areas. The results of this research were compared with the local average of the previous years and were graphically represented to communicate the state of environmental wellbeing.

Thanks to the contribution of CELI – our society that designs and develops systems based on machine learning and neural networks, for natural language processing and data analysis –, Audi will provide a study aimed at protecting the heritage of Cortina and the Dolomites.

This data will be crossed with other indicators useful to determine environmental comfort and define an action plan together with the Municipality of Cortina.