AURA, an immersive digital art exhibition in Milan

We will present our education offer on several weekends in November, December, and January.

AURA – The Immersive Light Experience has been designed by Pepper's Ghost's, an emerging creative firm specialising in digital art, and Sila Sveta, an interactive media, production, and conceptual design studio.

The digital artworks make the environment alive through a powerful combination of lights, sounds, mapping projections, and 3D images that animate as visitors interact with the exhibition. The show is held at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan until 9 January 2022.

On the weekends of 27-28 November 2021, 11-12 December 2021, and 8-9 January 2022, you will meet our staff and discover our education offer:

  • H-FARM International School, our network of international schools where digital technology and English are the key elements of an educational approach that puts the student at its centre. The Treviso school, based in our new Campus, is the only boarding school in Italy to be certified International Baccalaureate and Apple Distinguished School;
  • H-FARM MY SCHOOL, our multi-channel school that offers highly technological multi-presence experiences through live streaming, virtual and augmented reality, in-person lessons, designed around the needs of students and families by a team of educators, psychologists, professors, 3D artists, and developers;
  • H-FARM College, our offering of bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, executive masters, short courses, and training programmes for professionals and companies. Top-notch content is combined with dynamic experiences to understand the digital economy, learn how to develop a new business, acquire managerial skills, and explore new scenarios.

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