BOLD Awards: public voting and gala dinner

After receiving hundreds of projects for the awards we launched with Crowdsourcing Week, now public voting is open. You can also apply to attend the final ceremony.

Together with Crowdsourcing Week we have organized BOLD, the most innovative awards program whose goal is to showcase the best in the world from innovative businesses and individuals with diverse ranges of industries, including robotics, AI, open innovation, science, blockchain and more.

Public voting is open until February 20: vote now. Then, jury members with category-specific expertise will evaluate the shortlisted entries based on their criteria and select 5 nominees per category. The public vote is weighted 50% and the judges' vote is also 50%.

Among the judges are our co-founder Maurizio Rossi, José Luis Cordero (Millennium Project Director), best-selling author Julian Guthrie, Karin Mayer Rubinstein (CEO of Israel Advanced Technology Industries), Ranjita Ghosh (Global Marketing Director at Wipro) and Crowdsourcing Week CEO Epi Ludvik. The full panel of judges will represent a diverse range of business and industry sectors from around the world.

The closing gala dinner will take place on April 5 in our campus, with all the finalists and 200 attendees. You can apply here to attend.