Pharmaceutical packaging: Bormioli Pharma accelerates on innovation

Our first product design project focused on 3 prototypes, developed and brought to the market in just 6 months. Now, we've entered the second phase.

Rapid prototyping and an innovation approach focused on consumers' needs are at the core of this innovation journey that we've created for Bormioli Pharma, a company specialized in glass and plastic primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our first product design project focuses on a field research which has involved, for the first time, medical professionals and families, and a technical research to identify the most innovative and relevant trends and case studies, with the goal of understanding consumers' needs and how they interact with the packaging.

Starting from the 12 concepts developed in the first phase of the project, 3 new prototypes have been created and are already in the patent application review process:
Thread: pediatric syrup dispenser with an innovative design that allows you to measure liquids with only one hand;
Andy: add-on for bottles to measure out and drink medicines directly from the bottle;
Plug: device for the reconstitution of parenteral drugs that integrates the bottle in a compact way and allows you to complete the operation in total safety.

Through this innovation journey, Bormioli Pharma has been able to test a new business model reversing the product design and development process: the starting point is no longer the need of a single client, but the need of the final consumer.