Our foundation allocates EUR 500,000 in scholarships

Applications from 14 to 16 years old are open until 31st March.

Almost EUR 500,000 of investment to fund some 20 scholarships for talented and motivated young people. This is the total value of the 19 projects that our H for Human foundation makes available to the most deserving students, aged between 14 and university age. 

There are four scholarships for students, both Italian and foreign, aged 14 to 16 years old, on our Campus. EUR 250,000 is the total value that the foundation, together with H-FARM International School, is allocating to fund the Hunting for Beautiful Minds project, with applications open until 31 March:

  • one is for families with an Isee of less than EUR 35,000 and covers 100% of the tuition fee for the four years of high school, including a student residence, 
  • one covers 30% of the cost of the four years of High School with student accommodation included and is also open to our students,
  • one covers 30% of the fee for the two years of the Diploma Programme with student residence included,
  • one is also open to our students and covers 50% of the fee for the two years of the Diploma Programme without a student residence. 

Space is also given to the Vicenza High School (which does not have a studentato), with a total investment value of EUR 125,000 for another four scholarships, financed by H for Human, with applications open until 12 May:

  • three scholarships for the MYP4 class with 50% coverage. Eligible students with Italian or foreign citizenship, who intend to enrol in the MYP4 class (grade 9 IB), from schools other than those belonging to the H-FARM Spa group, 
  • a scholarship for the MYP4 class with 50% coverage. Eligible students with Italian or foreign citizenship, who intend to enrol in the MYP4 class (grade 9 IB) at Vicenza, also coming from schools belonging to the H-FARM Spa group.

On the other hand, the total value of the 11 scholarships that H-FARM College is making available to students who intend to enrol in bachelor and master degree courses in collaboration with the University of Chichester in the academic year 2023/24 amounts to over EUR 40,000. Digital economics, finance, business, digital marketing, product design: the facilities are aimed at young people who want to deepen their knowledge and specialise in sectors strongly impacted by digital transformation and for which it is necessary to be able to design effective solutions that are increasingly innovative. 

The scholarships, which partially cover tuition fees, are available for the following courses delivered in partnership with the University of Chichester: eight scholarships for the Bachelor's degree courses – Bachelor's Degree (BSc) in International Business Studies and Bachelor's Degree (BSc) in Digital Economics & Finance – and three for the Master's and Master's degree courses – Master of Science in Digital Marketing & Data Analytics, Master of Science in Digital Transformation & Entrepreneurship and Master of Science in Product Design & Communication.  

All students who meet the requirements of the call for applications can send their applications, following the procedure indicated, no later than 15 May 2023. 

"At H-FARM, we strongly believe that education plays a decisive role in training young people and adults capable of coping with society's changing needs with concrete proposals," explains Antonello Barbaro, CEO of H-FARM Education. "Having access to quality training that responds to the real needs of companies is fundamental. That is why every year we dedicate funding to support talented and motivated students who wish to undertake their undergraduate studies at H-FARM College. The numbers tell us that we are on the right track: 92 per cent of graduates who decide to enter the world of work find employment within six months'. 

Enrolled students will be able to live in an international hub and develop their potential by coming into contact with our network of over 500 companies and professionals.

"Through the H for Human Foundation we try to support talents who show that they believe in the value of innovation, creativity and internationality," explains Antony Saccon, Education, Equity & inclusion Program Director of H for Human.