With MMN we neutralise the carbon footprint of our Campus

Together with Italy's first Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller, a carbon-neutral IT project enabler, we reduce the impact of more than 2,000 Apple devices to zero and offset 369 tonnes of CO2.

Sustainability is now an inescapable aspect of our existence as consumers, entrepreneurs, employees, educators, members of a single ecosystem. We have joined MMN in a project that has led our company to already offset the carbon footprint of all Apple devices in our company and in our schools, for their entire life cycle.

The journey began with a carbon assessment to quantify the carbon footprint of our company's entire fleet of Apple devices, continued with concrete operations to reduce the environmental impact of future technological choices, and with the implementation of carbon footprint offsetting calculated at 369 tonnes of CO2.
We are a hub capable of producing 263,489 MWh of renewable, clean energy while reducing 268,604 tonnes of CO2 emissions. And it is just one step of many more to come: the carbon footprint of new Apple products supplied by MMN will, as of today, already be offset at source.

"We care deeply about all issues of green, circular economy and sustainability, and we demonstrate this every day with the obsessive care and attention we take in maintaining our Campus. It is a commitment we have as a company, as individuals towards our territory and our Planet, but above all it is a responsibility towards future generations." – said Riccardo Donadon. "Together with aware and prepared partners, we are sure to embark on an increasingly virtuous and, above all, no longer postponeable path."