Ledger, another European unicorn

Club Italia Investimenti 2, of which we were a founding partner, reached an extraordinary milestone thanks to its portfolio company Ledger.

This is another great news for the European tech scene. Investment firm Club Italia Investimenti 2, of which we were one of the founding members, recorded a major success: its portfolio company Ledger – the leading secure gateway for digital assets – completed a €310 million Series C fundraising, valuing the company at more than €1,5 billion.

This news follows the breakthrough of "our" Depop, which was acquired by Etsy for over $1,6 billion a few days ago.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Paris, Ledger develops hardware and software solutions for digital assets security. It has sold more than 3 million hardware wallets in 190 countries and operates in Paris, New York, Singapore, London, and Vierzon.

Club Italia Investimenti 2 invested in Ledger in 2017. Today's round was led by internationally renowned investors operating in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors.