An eSports program in partnership with Acer for Education

Our collaboration, aimed at promoting and encouraging eSports, starts with a 5-day master week during our Sparx Summer Camps.

With more than 200 million active fans in the world and 454 million spectators in 2019 (+15% compared to 2018), eSports is a strong and fast-growing market. 

Our collaboration with Acer for Education is one of the firsts in Italy in this sector and is aimed at spreading greater awareness about what it takes to work in eSports: what are the characteristics of a manager? How do you become a "caster" or an "analyst"?

As part of this collaboration, we have designed a 5-day master week for 16-18 years olds, that will take place from July 8 to 12 in our campus in Ca' Tron. Info and registration here
Participants will experience new technologies such as the Acer Windows Mixed Reality headset and Predator gaming hardware.

Then, we will develop structured curricular and extracurricular courses, with weekly meetings and activities planned for the whole the school year. Students, starting with those of our H-International School, will attend dedicated courses to train for the new eSports professions.

Click here to apply for the Master Week in eSports.