Rosà H-FARM International School has become a Common Sense School

We are proud to announce this extraordinary achievement. 

We are proud to announce that Rosà H-FARM International School has become a Common Sense School! 

Common Sense Media noticed our school's dedication to teaching young people how to be safe, responsible digital citizens and have decided to reward us with this remarkable recognition. 

Moreover, two of our amazing teachers -David Goodchild and Jessica Totten-  have been recognized as Common Sense Educators for their effort in creating a culture of digital citizenship in our school. 

Common Sense Media is a California-based non-profit organisation which evaluates and delivers ratings for media and technology with the goal of providing information about their suitability for children. In addition to ratings, the organisation funds research on the role of media in children's lives and publicly advocates for policies and laws that benefit children in media-related matters.

Common Sense Education, a program established by the organisation, has grown to include over 300,000 teacher members in approximately 100,000 schools as of 2016. In 2009, Common Sense Media collaborated with Harvard University and the organisation Global Kids to host a three-way conversation with parents, teens, and educators on issues related to the online world.