AudiWeGeneration, a journey towards the future

WeGeneration is the project we launched with Audi Italia for the talents of the future. 5 young people, students of our BA in Digital Management, are traveling throughout Italy to explore the meaning of relationships today.

Launched in November 2018 during an event that took place in our campus, WeGeneration is the education project designed to support the culture of innovation and change, with the goal of promoting the "contamination" of the managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

5 students of our BA in Digital Management are traveling throughout Italy to meet experienced professionals and young talents of digital, music and innovation, with the aim of searching for the meaning of relationships in a hyperconnected contemporary reality. Among them are: professor Carlo Ratti, expert in smart cities and professor at the MIT and Valeria Cagnina, Italy's youngest digital champion. Narrating voice of the journey and protagonist of one of the meetings is Giacomo Mazzariol, young writer and screenwriter.

The journey is told through a multimedia project that combines storytelling and interactivity, created by our media company SHADO: follow it on the Instagram channel @audi_wegeneration.