Crews 2021

Crews 2021

For the first time, we will present some of our most interesting internal R&D projects to the public. Join the live streaming.


What are the crews?

In H-FARM Consultancy, our division dedicated to digital transformation projects for companies, we have the Innovation team: here, self-organizing groups – the crews – work for 6 months on research and development initiatives that they propose. The results are concrete projects that become part of our services. 

On July 22, 4 crews will present their projects to the public:

Slack.insights – artificial intelligence used to monitor and understand the emotional state (enthusiasm, frustration, stress) of a work team

Visual dialog – a tool that streamlines the design and implementation of conversational assistants

Data journey – a narrative dashboard that combines data analysis and storytelling

Supersonic – a new co-design approach to define a brand's audio identity 

Register here and watch the live streaming from 11 am to 12.30 pm