Travel Appeal becomes The Data Appeal Company

Our portfolio company, specialized in data science and artificial intelligence, extends its technology to industries such as retail, energy and utilities, banking and finance, insurance, real estate and telecommunications. 

Travel Appeal becomes The Data Appeal Company to step into all those markets where online reputation is fundamental to determine the success of a strategy, drive growth and enhance the customer experience.

With its integrated and innovative approach, in these years it has collected a unique blend of geographical data, online feedback, customer purchasing behaviors and trends about all the activities of a territory, analyzing them both from a quantitative and qualitative point of view thanks to the semantic analysis of reviews and contents.

Today, its data covers almost the whole Europe and fits the business needs of any company. It interprets human experiences by revealing why customers behave in a certain way – purchases, preferences, criticisms, etc. – and forecasts their future behaviors.

The travel sector remains a crucial area of ​​The Data Appeal Company, but the application of the company's proprietary algorithm has been extended to other sectors, from energy and utilities to banking and finance to retail.

Founded in 2014 by Mirko Lalli in our campus, The Data Appeal Company, supported by Indaco Ventures I and Airbridge Equity Partners, has a team of 50 people and 4 offices in Europe (Milan, Florence, London and Amsterdam). It monitors over 300 millions of content every day, in 147 Countries.