Total exit from Depop with 6x return

We sold all of our Depop’s share capital for over €2.5 million, with a total return of 6 times the initial investment.

This new important exit from Depop – the most successful app among fashion and online shopping enthusiasts of second-hand accessories, with over 15 million users worldwide – generated a collection of €2,593,520 and a capital gain of €2,506,425
The total exit follows a first partial sale of shares in Depop’s capital that took place in January 2018. The transaction as a whole has generated a return equal to 6 times the initial investment, with a total collection of €4,574,218 and a capital gain of €3,782,191.

Depop, founded in 2011 by industrial designer and creative entrepreneur Simon Beckerman, today has a community that includes the most interesting creatives and fashion, design, art and music influencers of the world, including Chiara Ferragni and Bianca Balti. Usable in a very easy and intuitive way, in 2018 Depop registered more than 4 million new users, 500 million searches, more than one million a day, with an average of one new item sold every second. It has a team based in London, Milan, New York and Los Angeles, which has become the second largest city in terms of registrations, after London. Since 2012, Depop has located its headquarters in Shoreditch, London’s technological district.