With NYU Abu Dhabi for a special course on art, VR and falconry

A real opportunity to get to know this fascinating world, combining innovation and tradition.

Falconry, a traditional sport in the Emirates, has been practised for over five thousand years and is now a UNESCO intangible heritage.

The secrets of this activity are passed down from generation to generation, a link to a heritage of nobility, courage and preservation. In addition to the Emirates, the roots of falconry can also be traced in Italy, where this art had one of its greatest expressions during the Middle Ages.

In January, we will be happy to host some students from NYU Abu Dhabi to revive this tradition, which is strong in both areas. The project is part of a three-week art course programme: a first week is planned in Abu Dhabi, a second week on our H-FARM Campus and a third week back in the emirate.

Students will be able to discover the art of falconry first-hand and explore its roots in our region: from Padua to Bassano. However, this will not only be an in-depth study of our artistic and cultural heritage, but also on an innovative level.

In connection with this experience, an exhibition enhanced by VR technology is planned. Curated by BigRock and funded by the Italian Ministry of Culture and Unesco, it will open at the end of March.

A real opportunity to get to know this fascinating world, combining innovation and tradition through its educational and relational message, exciting experiences and unrepeatable possibilities.

The events at H-FARM Campus:

  • Monday 9: a day dedicated to H-FARM, BigRock and VR technology;
  • Tuesday 10, Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 in the morning: a period dedicated to discovering falconry in the art of falconry;
  • Thursday 12, afternoon: a few hours open to the entire H-FARM community to watch a falcon training session together with a team of expert falconers.

We are happy to be able to discover, once again, the link between innovation and tradition, and we are even prouder to do so together with a prestigious institution such as NYU Abu Dhabi.