Fintech Abu Dhabi The Search, Global Tour: Italy

We are a community partner of this global tour looking for the world's most innovative and inspiring fintech startups.

Between June and October 2021, the Fintech Abu Dhabi Innovation Team searches the globe for the most exciting, early-stage fintech startups in a series of virtual pitching competitions. Each stop features interviews and panel debates as fintech leaders from the host country share their thoughts on how fintech innovations have shaped their region.

The winners of each competition are invited to attend the main Fintech Abu Dhabi festival in November 2021.

We are a community partner for the Italian competition, that will be brought to you live from Milan's Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo Da Vinci on 26 October 2021. Register to attend.

Finalist startups are EvenFi, Fintastico, Insoore, Likuid, PayDo, and TXC Markets.