I-REACT, international workshop in Venice

Our AI society CELI took part in the first European project for natural disasters. On May 9-10, experts in extreme weather management will meet in Venice to introduce and employ the tools developed.

Our AI society CELI is one of the partners of the research project I-REACT, the first European-wide platform, funded by the European Commission, with a capacity of integrating emergency management data coming from multiple sources.

A new cross-platform mobile app to improve the monitoring and the real-time reporting – available on Google Play and App Store –, wearables that locate and monitor the status of first responders, actionable satellite information and accurate forecasts to predict the onset of weather extremes are some of technologies that emergency responders will now be able to use, thanks to the big data platform developed by I-REACT.

The results of this project will be shared in a workshop that will take place on May 9-10 at the premises of UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe in Venice. Emergency managers, environmental monitoring and forecasting operators, public intergovernmental organizations representatives, emergency professionals, insurance industries from Europe, local civil protection authorities and professional volunteers will take part.