Il mondo che vorrei: an event to imagine the future

A mini hackathon for young people to address key global topics.

Young people from 10 to 16 years old are invited to take part and give their contributions to solve the problems of the future. How is the world they hope for and would like to live in?

The event will be structured as a mini H-ACK, a marathon of ideas adjusted for people this age. Students will be divided into groups and will be guided by our Education team; at the end of the day a jury will award the best projects.

Register here.

Participants will be encouraged to illustrate their ideas by working on 3 particularly current issues:

    We look for innovative ways to reduce plastic consumption and correctly use energy resources, in order to slow down climate change.

    How much time do we spend on our digital devices? How do we use them? We need to learn how to better manage our relationship with the online world, in order to preserve our health and psycho-physical balance.

    Participants will imagine how the city of the future will be and how people will live in it. Will robotics, automation and artificial intelligence have an impact on the daily lives of citizens? In what ways?


9.30am: Arrival* and registration

10.00am: Brief presentation and division into groups

11.00am: Snack time and first part of the H-ACK

1.00pm: Lunch

2.00pm: Second part of the H-ACK

5.30pm: End of activities

6.00pm: Presentation of projects and awarding ceremony

7.00pm: Refreshments

*Parents will bring the participants in H-FARM and are then invited to come back for the final presentations at 6:00pm

Participation is free upon registration at this link.