Verti’s first branded podcast curated by H-FARM

An on the road, 6-episode comedy about the adventures of three strangers united by a common destiny, with the voices of Amalgama, Zelig's comic quartet.

Verti Assicurazioni,supported by us, launches the first Italian branded podcast: "Sbaglio strada e cambio vita" (roughly translatable in "Going the wrong way and changing my life"). The serieswill be released weekly from Thursday, May 23 and will be available on and on Spotify, Spreaker, Google Podcast and Apple Podcast. The podcast is produced by MyVoxes, DigitalMDE's division specialized in podcasts.

Our project – communicated for the first time to the public during the OBE Summit 2019, the annual event dedicated to branded entertainment that takes place on May 14 in Milan – includes the creation of the dedicated digital hub, in which the episodes and other backstage content will be available. The illustrator from our creative department Tzuna Luis designed original graphics and animations, which will accompany the podcast in all communication channels. A social media campaign will involve selected talents, influencers and micro-influencers. Eco-friendly graffiti that, when scanned with a smartphone, open the podcast on Spotify will be also placed in Milan.

The podcast plot:
Ale, Davide and Fede are very different people – the failed singer-songwriter, the hypochondriac pharmaceutical representative and the cynical manager – who will be forced to embark on a journey through Italy in an old bus. A journey made of challenges, anecdotes and unexpected events, which will lead them to seek change and a new life.

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