The Impact Shakers startup awards

We are a partner of these awards inspired by the doughnut economics model, celebrating startups impacting the world.

The Impact Shakers startup awards, which we are a partner of, aims to celebrate European startups that contribute to sustainable economic growth.

They are inspired by the doughnut economic model, a visual framework for sustainable development shaped like a doughnut. ​The centre hole of the model depicts the proportion of people that lack access to life's essentials (healthcare, education, equity, and so on) while the crust represents the ecological ceilings (planetary boundaries) that life depends on and must not be overshot.​ Between these two boundaries lies a space that is both ecologically safe and socially just.

The Awards include 12 categories such as gender equality, peace & justice, health, water, housing, political voice.

Apply here by 1 May 2021.