H-FARM Campus opening

Welcome to Europe's largest and most important innovation and education hub.

On September 7 we officially opened our new Campus, which becomes Europe's largest and most important innovation hub, ready to welcome entrepreneurs, professionals and more than 1,000 students.

Take a look at the pictures.

It has been a very long process started in 2016, with an unexpected setback in spring 2018 which put us in operational and financial difficulties, generating higher costs and lower revenues and postponing the expansion works for 2 years.

Following the recent approval of our 2020-2024 industrial plan, which aims to reach €126 million in 2024, we can fully dedicate to the development of the Campus, on the improvement of remote learning solutions and on the growth of our Innovation business unit, focused on digital transformation consultancy. 

Our Campus is set on 51 hectares, with 10 new structures dedicated to training, startups and companies. It's a "zero-impact" project that involved the demolition and/or recovery of old buildings in the area.

5 buildings are specifically dedicated to education, from kindergarten to university degrees to courses for professionals and executives. The student residence can host up to 244 people, the sports center include an indoor facility and over 5,000-sqm outdoor space with tennis, rugby, padel and other multi-purpose courts, a skate park and a BMX pump track.

It's sustainable and self-sufficient. The expansion was built in perfect harmony with the surrounding countryside area and only 10% of the entire area is made of buildings. The rest is a 27-hectare park open to the public.