maize, collaboration with die Graphische

The students of the Vienna-based design institute took part in a special project to redesign an edition of our maize magazine.

In 2018 we started a collaboration with die Graphische, a professional institute of visual communication and media technologies in Vienna. 65 students, led by professor Martin Drexler, have worked intensely to create their own versions of a printed edition of maize, our platform that explores the impact of technology on business, education and society. They reinterpreted the cover and created a series of articles dedicated to innovation in the fields of art, music and design.

Last week the students presented their concepts in front of our colleagues Marta Caroti and Matteo Scanni: we will publish a selection on the next issue, which will be dedicated to the world of education. A special thanks to Martin DrexlerCordula AlessandriAndrea Rotter and Peter Bauer from die Graphische.

Awarded students – those who ranked first will take part in the next event as special guests:

Best cover 
First place: Waldhör Jakob, Maria Gärber / The End of Handwriting
Second place: Vincent Enthekabi / Digital Solitude
Third place: Carmen Hötsch, Janine Lichtenberger / Stitched Cover
Honorable mention: Lukas Kaufmann, Claudio Reiter, Paul Schreiber / Generative Art

Best article
First place: Valentin Haring / Generative music
Second place: Celina Novak, Aniko Steinböck, Miriam Zach / What is the Sound of Analog/Digital?
Third place: Elizaveta Kruchinina / Renaissance of Humanity
Honorable mention: Waldhör Jakob, Maria Gärber / The End of Handwriting