maize, our cultural factory, is now on Instagram gives voice to all its components: the quarterly print magazine, the online magazine, the e-learning platform, the think tank and the events.

The account gives a voice to all of its spheres: maize (the quarterly print magazine), (the online magazine), maize.PLUS (the e-learning platform), maize.INSIGHTS (the think tank), and maize. LIVE (the events platform).

In each of its forms, maize explores the evolution of people and organizations through stories, insights, points of view, and collaborative tools. maize offers in-depth content and unconventional interpretations that are useful for understanding contemporary innovation scenarios and their impact on our lives.

maize magazine explores the impact of technology on business, education, and society. It is focused on quality instead of quantity, with publication in print every four months, and online every week.

maize.PLUS is an innovative, personalized learning path that is based on thematic streams to prepare us for a future where people will be at the center of technology and business.

maize.INSIGHTS is a strategic think tank that is dedicated to researching the latest consumer, industry, and market trends to provide in-depth analysis of emerging scenarios.

maize.LIVE is a small, intimate unconference about people, culture and the power of innovating organizations. It is held twice a year bringing together tech gurus, managers and opinion leaders with the aim of providing insights, operational indications and debates on the strategic implications of innovation for people and businesses.