Maize, our new digital magazine

Curated by innovation gurus and influencers, it explores the social, economic and cultural impact of new technologies on our lives.

We are unveiling today maize, our new digital magazine designed to set the standard for those who want to take part in the acceleration of technological change, making informed decisions and learning to think in a new way. 

maize puts the human approach at the heart of its stories and aims to become a smart guide, offering unparalleled insights with a philosophical approach to people who want to understand and use today’s game-changing technologies. Through maize, a collective of international voices explores with authority the impact of the so-called "exponential technologies" and addresses readers seeking original perspectives on topics such as IoTArtificial IntelligenceAugmented RealityRoboticsCybersecurityBig Data and Mobility.

We have asked some of the brightest entrepreneurs, scientists, philosophers, academics and experts of our time to share their thoughts through articles, interviews, reports, short essays, video docs, podcasts and infographics. Content creators include Barak Berkowitz, Head of the MIT Innovation Division, the world's most important research university; Robert Wolcott, Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the Kellogg School of Management and CEO of the Kellogg Innovation Network; Jochen and Alexander Renz, one of the world's leading experts in mobility; Menny Barzilay, an international authority in cybersecurity; Sridhar Iyengar, founder of Misfits and Elemental Machines, a pioneer in the IoT industry.