maize.LIVE – Finding Utopias

A unique 3-day digital event to unlock conversations beyond a new normality, powered by our cultural factory maize. 1-3 December

What is innovation if not chasing after something that doesn’t (yet) exist? We started from this reflection to create the 4th maize.LIVE event Finding Utopias. Unlocked conversations beyond (a new) normality on 1-3 December.

maize is our cultural factory that explores the impact of technology on business, education and society. Its components are the magazine both in print and online maize.MAGAZINE, the e-learning platform maize.PLUS, the think tank maize.INSIGHTS and the events maize.LIVE.

Today, we face the opportunity to unlock new conversations and to plan a (new) normality, composed of unachievable but fundamental challenges called Utopias.

One of the challenge we face today is how to bring the second row of the choir to the front, giving it a voice and space to share thoughts and emotions without betraying the trust of a public that is looking for conscious advice while facing the instability of a fragile economic scenario. We are no longer willing to sponsor speakers and market dynamics that are incoherent with the fundamental message we are trying to convey.

Time, trust, and happiness: what do they mean today? 

We will address all these questions with the usual desire to connect and exchange experiences, together with thought leaders such as Michele Zanini, Moran Cerf, Tomas Barazza, Brian Solis, Robert Waldinger, Daniela Lucangeli and others soon to be announced.

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